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COMMUNITY: Awaken Now (Gumising Ka Na) 56 Card Deck of Affirmations and Prompts by Laura Fama

Our friend and partner, Laura Fama, donates a portion of proceeds from her latest project to support our programs in the Philippines

Thank you to Laura Fama for donating a portion of proceeds from her Awaken Now (Gumising Ka Na) card deck to support Bigay Puso and our mission.

"Affirmations are remarkable tools that harness the power of positivity to overcome insecurity and self-doubt. The Awaken deck also encapsulates beautiful Filipino proverbs with encoded wisdom. We find answers within our roots and whimsical past. Learn more here on the Kickstarter Page. The Awaken Now card deck is for personal growth enthusiasts, new age card deck users, contemporary business culture, modern mindfulness, freelancers who work remotely, entrepreneurs, and graphic design and illustration lovers. Affordable, beautiful, and the essential 'feel good' 56-card deck uncovers creative blocks and moves the users into positive action."

The 56 card deck of affirmations and prompts is still available on her website. Visit Her Why to learn more and purchase yours today.

If you or your organization would like to join our list of partners, please message us or send us an email at

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