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RECAP: Pasundayag sa QC

Bigay Puso proudly supports education and the arts in the Philippines

The Department of Education (DepEd) has made recent pushes for the preservation of culture and heritage in the Philippines through education and the arts. During a DepEd event held in Bulacan in 2019, Education Secretary Leonor Briones appealed to teachers to not let digital technology contribute to the erosion of cultural values and practices among students.

“Hindi lamang sa kasuotan naipapakita ang kultura, kung hindi sa laman ng ating puso. Iyon ang mahalaga, na huwag nating kalimutan sa panahong ito (Culture cannot only be displayed through costumes but also through what is inside our hearts. That is important, let us not forget it in these times),” she said.

Secretary Briones also pointed out that arts and culture can be used to teach mathematics and other science subjects, and highlighted the crucial role of arts and culture in helping the youth, particularly those who may be suffering from mental illnesses, express themselves through different forms of art.

In line with DepEd's advocacy, which has been more relevant than ever during these challenging times, Bigay Puso proudly partnered with DepEd Philippines' International Cooperation Office and the Schools Division Office of Quezon City for Pasundayag sa QC "The Things We Know: A Day of Creative Artistry Amidst COVID-19". The virtual show, held on April 27, 2021, featured artworks and dance and singing performances from youth leaders in the Quezon City school community to celebrate their creativity and artistry.

Our friend and longtime partner, SOSUPERSAM, gives a special message for the youth

Thank you to DepEd Philippines' International Cooperation Office and Schools Division Office of Quezon City, as well as the volunteers and teachers, and a special thank you to all the talented students who participated and shared their musical and artistic gifts with everyone at the show.

To learn more about DepEd Philippines' vision, mission, and core values, visit the DepEd website.


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